Who wants to read about chic restaurants that ply your table with more forks than meat? Who can relate to reviews of dishes costing enough to bankrupt a small country?

Rick's Food Critique takes a look at -- and a taste of -- the food you actually eat. From fast food to grocery store fare, the critique samples the cheaper, simpler, more accessible side of the culinary world. And it does so from the common man's viewpoint. You'll find no sneering at canned goods here.

The critique even bases its ratings on the most versatile of utensils: the spork. By rating foods on a scale of one spork to five sporks, your humble reviewer can spoon up sappy soliloquies for the best dishes and stab the worst of the nutritional world in its tasteless heart.

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  1. This is great bro. I just started a blog with the same premise. I like what you do. I deal with real food the average person would eat (by my definition of the average lol).