June 29, 2006

Celebrating with KFC's Famous Bowls

I had planned to pen a one-year anniversary edition of this sparingly-updated food critique, but it seems that fate had other plans. The week of June 15 was filled with car accidents and medical turmoil, so I have unfortunately been forced to delay the yearly celebration for two weeks.

Sadly, this delay means that the scheduled party, which included fireworks and a brass band, will not come together. The president and other important guests had prior commitments for this weekend, and the pyrotechnic experts are busy preparing for the fourth of July. Instead, a festive food review will have to commemorate this momentous occasion.

And what a food review it is. Today’s product is as American and as celebratory as anyone could expect for an anniversary food review. There is little in the world that is more indulgent than KFC. And today I will discuss one of KFC’s “Famous Bowls”.

The Famous Bowls are a blend of everyone’s favorite KFC offerings. There is a base of KFC’s delectable mashed potatoes and gravy. There is a layer of sweet corn. Bite sized pieces of white fried chicken are then blanketed in a three-cheese blend.

The first time I heard about this combination of food, I was stunned. Mashed potatoes almost always accompany my chicken orders at KFC, and the good people in Kentucky decided to save me the trouble of ordering two things. They also threw in some cheese and sweet corn for my pleasure. I don’t know anyone other than members of PETA that would protest KFC chicken being combined with mashed potatoes in one dish.

I personally do not care for sweet corn, but no one at KFC seemed offended or distressed when I requested that it be held from my order. The mashed potatoes are as delicious as ever, and the chicken pieces are quite tender and tasty. The gravy mixes well with both flavors, and the blend of cheeses is an addition that truly compliments the other flavors.

Of course, KFC is never particularly healthy food. Mixing numerous KFC products is not recommended for one’s cardiovascular health. However, the Famous Bowl is perfect for a bit of celebratory indulgence. I would recommend it for the celebration of some obscure anniversary. You get two or three KFC foods for about four bucks, (prices may vary, you know) which saves you both money and the hassle of ordering. It truly is a delectable way to celebrate.

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