May 11, 2013

Live-blogging Liberte yogurt!

It's nearly 10:30 a.m. and I haven't eaten breakfast yet. Worse, the reason is sloth.

Yep. I just woke up.

In my juvenile years, this wouldn't have been uncommon. Such a wake-up time would have been both a badge of honor and a weekly occurrence.  Today, though, it's a source of embarrassment and shame. I've been edging my rising time earlier and earlier as I age, a testament to both better bedtimes and my drive to get more done before noon so I can start winding down after lunch.

That won't be happening today, apparently because my body decided it was time to sleep in. I want to make the best of things, though, so lets try something different.

I'll write my review as I eat. Today we'll have none of my patented days and weeks to reflect. It will just be pure, unadulterated stream of consciousness. Since my blog doesn't usually have enough of that.

The shape of that cup makes Liberte worth it. It's circular AND squared!

At 10:29 a.m. I'm pulling breakfast out of the fridge. No time for cooking today, folks. It's a new type of Greek yogurt I have yet to try, Liberte, with a little accent mark over the last "e" that I won't bother to duplicate here (I'm live-blogging, people). The flavor is peach and passion fruit, because it sounded interesting and I haven't seen it in any of the other dozens of Greek yogurt brands that have been multiplying on shelves like Hellenistic bunnies since Chobani had its breakthrough in the U.S. market.

The top comes off at 10:31, and the scent of peach washes over me. It's a good thing we have positives in the smell department, because the looks aint so good. There's a little separation between moisture and solids going on here, a classic yogurt problem that's bothered me since the beginning of civilization. My favorite Greek yogurts, Muller and Fage (Muller has its own umlauts over the "u" that I'm not transcribing in my rush), don't do this. They have a much drier, almost spongy consistency. Oh well.

All this typing means I'm eating slowly. At 10:34 I've finished stirring and I take my first bite. Things are a little lighter and sweeter here than on some other Greek Yogurts. The pear and passion fruit chunks are impossible to tell apart, if they're different at all. It all reminds me of another Greek yogurt I ate at some point ... perhaps Chobani mango. It's hard to run down your roster of Greek yogurts eaten when adding to it. Sensory memory doesn't function well when the senses are being used for more important things like eating.

By 10:37, I've reached the bottom of the cup, which is giving me a little trouble. It's not the same shape as the top of the container. The top is round, then tapers gradually into a square base. It makes for a visually interesting shape on the shelf, and a spoonfully interesting one when eating. You have to change the trajectory of your scoops to get all of the food.

With 10:39 rolling around, I've finished eating and decided I liked the shape of the cup. At first, revising my spoon sweeps was a source of frustration. In the end, though, I did it, I did it well, and it gave me a sense of accomplishment -- kind of like figuring out a puzzle while chowing down.

Now that things have wrapped up, I can tell you Liberte makes a good Greek yogurt that's nothing particularly special when you compare it against its brethren. Which is OK, because Greek yogurt is absolutely delicious. Throw in the special cup and I'm willing to give it a four sporks out of five rating.

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