April 24, 2013

Hardee's Jim Beam Bourbon Thickburger

The hardiest readers of this blog have something to cheer about tonight. I'm tapping out a quick write-up of a recent trip to Hardee's.

Specifically, I made a run to pick up a Jim Beam Bourbon Thickburger. Aside from its somewhat clunky name, the burger is packed with enough good stuff that I had to try it. A third of a pound of ground beef. Bacon. Pepper jack cheese. Garlic onion straws. Jim Beam bourbon sauce.

Although the bourbon sauce gets the love in this Thickburger's title, the onion straws proved to be the real star of the meal. They were crispy. Let me repeat that. They were actually crispy.

That might not seem like a big deal, considering how many of the burger joints of the world advertise their crispy onion straws. But it is, sadly, an aberration. Hardee's is the only peddler of fast food I can remember that got onion straws completely right.

The crispy straws came with a downside, though: wait time. I spent twice as long waiting for my food to be put together at Hardee's as I typically do at Burger King or McDonald's. I'm giving the restaurant the benefit of the doubt in this matter. Whether it cooks its burger components fresh while I wait or merely keeps them separated in a manner that slows assembly, I don't want them to change anything. It's working.

I could tell you about the sweet bourbon sauce and tangy cheese and deliciously juicy burger. Actually, I just did. Spilling any more pixels on them would overshadow those amazing onion straws.

Five sporks out of five. No matter how far a Hardee's is from you, you should be hardy enough to make the trip.

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