February 28, 2009

Burger Shots in the dark

Burger shots should be the perfect car food. Six little single-hand-sized burgers -- just the thing for quick eating during a bumpy automobile ride that often leaves you bracing yourself with one hand while trying to eat with another.

Too bad Burger King doesn't make the effort to cut the Burger Shots individually.

That's right, I opened the burger shots box in a dark car, expecting to find six individual tasty morsels, only to discover a sheet of uncut bread with six bun-shaped mounds. The sheet didn't even have individual hamburger patties. It was divided into three strips of beef, each of which sat between two of the bun bumps.

So the burger shots had to be pulled apart before they were eaten -- the advertisements should read "some disassembly required." Normally I don't mind working for my food, but there's no reason you should have to go through all this trouble for fast food with the word "shots" in the title -- implying quick and easy eating.

Burger Shots have other problems. The beef was dry and unappetizing. The bun to meat ratio was skewed too far toward the bun. A piece of lettuce would have been nice. They all pale in comparison to the fundamental flaw, though.

"Shot" implies fast and easy. Burger shots were neither. One out of four sporks, and let's move on. I've spent too much time with them already.

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