February 6, 2009

He must have seen the Bacon Explosion

Tonight I'm running a little behind, so we'll have to forgo the Friday afternoon fun the critique usually serves. To tie you over until I put together a full review this weekend, here is some Friday evening fun -- a brief comment on a food "news" story.

Mike Nelson, who the enlightened of you will know as the host and head writer of the impeccable Mystery Science Theater 3000, is going to try to eat nothing but bacon during the month of February. According to his blog post, he's not going to mix up his diet with an occasional slice of Canadian bacon, and he will only drink beer, wine, martinis and water.

Those of you who are interested in all the nuances of bacon, particularly the different brands, will no doubt be fascinated by the next 22 days of his blog. Those of you who were disgusted by the Bacon Explosion should probably avoid it until March.

I can't say I support this kind of a stunt. True, it will give us all valuable knowledge with which to choose our Saturday morning breakfast brand. But no matter what level of fitness Nelson was at going into this month, he's going to be at serious risk for a heart attack after it. Occasionally eating unhealthy food in the name of exploration is one thing, but flogging your body with fat is an entirely different proposition.

Almost as importantly, Nelson is going to get sick of bacon. He might not even be able to look at it again. And that would be a terrible, terrible burden for any man to have to bear.

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