February 4, 2009

Never go to bed hungry

Normally I don't like to start out a post telling you to go somewhere else. But quickly check the pictures on this site: http://www.hamburgerbed.com/

Now look at the photos on this one: http://www.random-good-stuff.com/2009/01/29/hamburger-bed/

Having not slept on a hamburger bed, I can't review this thing. I will even forgo trying to describe it, assuming that the pictures of it are worth a thousand words.

Instead I would like to have a brief discussion of a hamburger bed's pros and cons. It is a fascinating piece of gastric-related obscurity, and this blog is all about obscure details about food.

Few things can beat a hamburger bed for novelty. The red plastic race car bed from the early '90's has become cliche, and the frivolous assortment of hammocks, cots and bunk beds out there fails to top the ability to slip into a faux sesame seed bun at night. Plus, it invites eating in bed. Anyone hung up on getting crumbs in between the sheets will have to let that obsession slip away after spending a night in this bed.

And look at that guy cuddled in the bed in the second link. He looks like he's in heaven. Reports indicate that the bed is actually as comfy as it looks. It's even one of the few things that has made me so excited that I want to go to sleep.

Still, I'm not sure I would want to make a food bed my full-time sleeping sanctuary. What if you get the stomach flu? The possibility of staying in bed all day would certainly be curtailed, because looking at the bed would probably bring on a round of dry heaves.

Plus I have a sneaking suspicion that the King from Burger King commercials tours the country looking for burger beds when he's not filming. As much as I love those ads, especially the "wake up with the King" one, I don't want to open my eyes one morning to find his smiling face leering at me. Having to sleep on the couch when I have the flu is one thing, risking waking up next to the King is another.

Therefore, I'll be seeking out a middle ground between having a food bed and warding off unwanted visits from mascots. Starting today I'll be figuring out the best way to construct an Oreo cookie bed. I have no doubt it will be sweet.

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  1. OMG -- the hamburger bed is my favorite thing EVER. I might make a cupcake one someday :)